Exercise 13: Acceleration Of A Jet Fighter

Date completed: 11/09/2019

Write a program that calculates the acceleration (m/s2) of a jet fighter launched from an aircraft-carrier catapult, given the jet’s take off speed in km/hr and the distance (meters) over which the catapult accelerates the jet from rest to take off. Assume constant acceleration. Also calculate the time (seconds) for the fighter to be accelerated to take off speed. When you prompt the user, be sure to indicate the units for each input. For one run, use a take off speed of 278 km/hr and a distance of 94 meters.

Relevant formulas: ( v = velocity, a = acceleration, t = time, s = distance)

v = at

s = ½at2

The Created Code

The created source code can be found here. It has been compressed in to a 7-Zip file.

Some screen prints

Description Screen Print Out
The output as seen in the command prompt.. c_s01_ex13 image